Mark Dolan

The most important thing my team wants you to know about us is this
With our team there is only one #1. YOU. Your needs, your property, your schedule, your deadlines. YOU. We don”t have a new app nor any secret new fangled silver bullet. We don’t claim to have the most listings or the most market share.

What we do have is an authentic interest in serving your needs. We have listening skills to hear you, knowledge of the inventory to match what you are looking for, and the experience to guide you to make good decisions related to buying and selling real estate in the Big Bear area.

We invite you to give us a call and let us know how we can help YOU! Our performance will be our job interview!

Mark Dolan, Carrie Dolan, Mary Burak, Jaycie Marich, Jessica Guyette, and Sally Uribe.

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Phone: (909) 912-5032